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Dispatch planner | Quality assurance supervisor



I strongly believe in a sustainable food system that adequately provides safe food for everyone.

I have worked in the F&B industry for 3 years applying microbiological principles and techniques as well as undertaking further analysis of non-conformances, proposing solutions and implementing corrective actions in compliance with food safety and quality management systems. I take pride in collaboratively developing effective enforcement strategies for the prevention of foodborne illnesses.

Since I embarked on this remarkable journey, my goal has been to enhance food production by identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks along the supply chain within safety programs.

During these years, I have successfully:

✲ Reduced 30% of finished products non-conformances by the detection of an operational failure in the cleaning process and effective implementation of corrective actions.

✲ Trained 100% of the production employees on food safety and prerequisite programs

✲ Optimized laboratory workflow management by implementing LIMS

My experience covers food microbiology, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 systems, equipment/methods validation and verification, environmental monitoring and risk management. I have also conducted internal audits to ensure that systems are in control.




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